About Us

About Us

Founded in 1998, Quill Entertainment Company is a nonprofit educational organization whose mission is Teaching America’s Heritage Through Story and Song. Quill is dedicated to using entertainment to improve the knowledge of our students and citizens about the important ideals and values found in our past. Since 1998, we have entertained and educated over 40,000 people. We encourage you to supplement the experience of a Quill History Musical by taking advantage of our developed lesson plans and other curriculum aids, available here on our website free of charge. Our musicals need no special lighting, no elaborate sets, and little technological support, so they are easy to travel. What they do need is the audience’s imagination and participation: each of our shows involves the audience in the plot; we use the “live-ness” of theatre to bring history to life.


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Our Goal

Ignite a passion for America’s heritage and history by creating an entertaining and educational experience that reconnects Americans with their past. If our youth lose sight of the important, defining events in the history of our nation, it may weaken our ability to remain the beacon for freedom and human rights that our forefathers fashioned.


Our Core Beliefs

  • Too many of our youth do not know enough about our nation’s past and the ideals and values that underlie our democracy, the longest-lasting in history.
  • Ignorance about our history on the part of our youth bodes ill for the future of our country.
  • Entertainment and imagination are the keys to igniting our youth’s interest in learning American history
  • Teachers need new, exciting, and easy-to-use educational tools to effectively engage today’s youth


Quill History Musicals

Mr. History is the magical tour guide who leads students back through time with his History Trunk. Inside are pieces of the “real” clothes and “actual” artifacts worn and used by people in the past. Put on Harriet Tubman’s scarf and you become the “Moses” of the Underground Railroad. Pick up James Madison’s quill pen and you become the Father of the Constitution. “Have Imagination Will Travel” is Mr. History’s calling card, an invitation to explore the past by actually being there. Quill History Musical Prototype Each Mr. History Musical begins with five students complaining about a school history assignment. Frustrated, they begin chanting, “I hate history! Hearing his least favorite words, Mr. History whirls into their midst and convinces them, in song, to time travel to the past and become historical personages—see what they saw and feel what they felt. When the students time travel back to the present, not only have they realized how much fun history can be, they have also learned the important values and ideals that are the foundation of our country.