Classroom Activities & Topics for Discussion

On a map of the United States, trace the Underground Railroad from various points in the South all the way to the end in Canada. Were other states sometimes involved besides the ones mentioned in GLORY ROAD!? What might have happened if a slave had wanted to turn back along the road? Who else besides Quakers helped runaway slaves? Organize a debate between a southern plantation owner and a Quaker. What were some of the main reasons Southerners thought they had to maintain slavery? In the minds of Southerners, was there anything “good” about slavery? What? ...

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Characters in Glory Road

HARRIET TUBMAN Harriet Tubman was active in helping hundreds of slaves to escape. She might well be called a second Joan of Arc. She would go fearlessly into the Slave States, talk with the slaves, tell them how to escape, direct them on the road, and thus during one visit would start numbers on their way to freedom. Large sums of money were offered for her capture, but all in vain. She could elude patrols and pursuers with as much ease and unconcern as an eagle soars through the heavens. She “had faith in God;” always asked Him what to do, and to direct her, “which He...

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