John Michael “Mickey” Robinson

John Michael “Mickey” Robinson, CFO, is a Memphis-born 1968 graduate of Memphis State University with a BBA in marketing with honors and a 1973 MBA graduate of the Harvard University Graduate School of Business with honors. He served in the United States Coast Guard as a Lieutenant in Coast Guard Headquarters.

His business career was in retailing and distribution starting in Hong Kong and then in Memphis, where he was assigned to conceive and start a retail auto parts chain for Memphis-based Malone & Hyde, Inc. In 1979 he opened the first Auto Shack (now Auto Zone) store. He led the chain through its first 300 stores and then moved to a much larger retail conglomerate, Melville Corporation of Harrison, New York, where he ran its largest footwear chain. Later he was chief executive of a Melville spin-off called Footstar. Since 2004 he has consulted and managed family investments.