Our Musicals

Our Musicals

Quill has written and produced six 50-minute musicals designed to be performed in connection with school history curricula. Each History Musical begins with five students bored with their current history homework assignment. Mr. History magically appears with his History Trunk. He convinces the students to time- travel with him into the past and become the characters they are studying. How? With the costume pieces and props in his Trunk. Put on Paul Revere’s hat and you “become” Paul Revere. Pick up James Madison’s quill pen and you “become” the Founder of the Constitution. When the students are finished experiencing the drama and excitement of history “first-hand”, as it were, they come back to the present fired up with the feeling that history is fun.

Our musicals need no lighting, no elaborate sets, and no video, so they are easy to travel. What they do need is the audience’s imagination and participation: each of our shows involves the audience in the plot; we use the “live-ness” of theatre to bring history to life.


Quill’s history musicals dramatize core themes of American History that are universal and relevant today, such as:

  • Freedom and democracy
  • Exploration, expansion and discovery
  • Civility, cooperation and compromise
  • Leadership and perseverance
  • Equality, diversity and human rights
  • Personal sacrifice in times of war and peace

Nothing educates about history and inspires like entertainment:

  • Songs are remembered
  • Characters, experiences, values and emotions are brought to life, enabling students to identify with them
  • Audiences are re-connected to the past
  • The interplay of history, imagination and emotion keeps students entertained while learning