A Letter From Quill’s Founder

Dear Friend:

America was founded as the most daring and exciting experiment in self- government the world had ever known. But if our citizenry loses sight of the importance of our past—if we stop learning from our history—we cannot continue to be the beacon of freedom and human rights that our forefathers fashioned. Unfortunately, there is evidence that this erosion of our connection with our heritage has already begun.

That’s why I founded Quill. Quill’s mission is “Teaching America’s Heritage Through Story and Song.” That word, “teaching,” is very important to us. We produce entertaining musicals, but we strive for something more than entertainment. We strive to educate. That is why all our musicals resonate on the sounding board of America’s core beliefs. We don’t just “do history.” We go beyond that to explore the philosophies and ideals that are the foundation of our country. Teachers love our approach because we give them not just a lesson plan, but the opportunity to have students experience what it was like to be the historical characters they would otherwise only read about.

We once wrote a musical about Lewis and Clark, and I’ve always been struck by the expansiveness of their vision and the incredible courage they exhibited to make it come true. I often feel Quill is on such a journey. We’ve pushed off, and I calculate we’re in Montana somewhere. There are some high mountains to cross and some mighty rivers to navigate, and we’ll never make it without adequate supplies. You, our friends, old and new, are those “supplies.” With your help we will accomplish great and important things. It is an exciting and tremendously worthwhile journey, and we gratefully invite you to join us.


Granville Wyche Burgess Co-Founder and CEO